29 November 2008

After a long dead...


its been a while since i didnt do anything for my blog.. i never thought that i would ever write this blog ever again since starting school at KMS (Kolej Mara Seremban)..

but to think it back, i think i write something for this holiday. anyway, i had promise my junior last time to write something for them to read about the scholarship after the SPM..

hmm ... actually, i already forgot about the scholarship.. not all la... tapi ingat skit2 jer..
well, usually the students from mrsm pc will aim for:

2. JPA
3. UTP
4. Petronas
5. Others.. (khazanah, uem, bank negara, lim kok wing...)

well, obviously, those who like to take the mara, will fill the maras form and so are those who have the intention to take jpa do the same by fill the maras form..

but the problem is, what to choose??
hmm.. for me, the question is not "what to choose", but its more to "what do u want?" do u want a comfortable life during ur foundation and as well during the time in oversea??? then u take JPA. JPA can offer u a very luxury life (most of the time)..

and how about mara??
well for mara, i tell u its very damn easy to mara scholarship... if u have 8As n above, then u have it! dont worry..

i dont really know what to write about but i do some writing again nest time..

so, untill next time..